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Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center is a top provider of medically supervised medication assisted treatment for individuals aged 18 and older. Realizing the importance of providing services that can help bring about a successful recovery from heroin or other opioid addictions, our center provides the following proven effective medication that is included into a patient’s customized treatment plan:

Methadone: Methadone stops the onset of withdrawal symptoms and cravings all without causing the individual to become high like he or she would by taking other opioids like heroin or painkillers. This medication, classified as an opioid agonist, is effective in helping individuals wean off of opioids.

The dosage that is recommended will be based on the treatment needs of each patient and can be adjusted if necessary.

In addition, at Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center, we supply a variety of services created specifically to help support patients who are obtaining medication assisted treatment that includes methadone. The team of addiction specialists and medical professionals, which include nurses, counselors, and doctors, is devoted to supplying premier care to each patient who seeks us out for treatment. Below are the services we provide that have helped individuals overcome their opioid addictions:

  • Individual therapy sessions are available so that patients can work through their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and recovery achievements and obstacles with a counselor in a one-on-one setting.
  • Group therapy sessions are led by licensed addiction counselors and allow patients to obtain support from others who have experienced similar challenges.

By obtaining medication assisted treatment that includes other effective approaches to treatment, individuals can develop a life that is free from the confines of substance abuse.

To learn more about the care we offer, please contact Racine Comprehensive Treatment Center today. We are here to help.